Hey there! Thanks for checking out my site. A little bit about myself:

As you’ll see if you dig around the site, I’m a writer. I wrote a book called The New Prophets of Capital. The book examines the pervasive feeling that capitalism is leading us in the wrong direction and argues that it’s time for ideas that challenge the core assumptions of our for-profit system. In New Prophets I cover a range of topics from feminism to green capitalism, to public education and therapy culture.

I’ve explored these themes in a number of other shorter articles in places like The Guardian, The Nation, Dissent, openDemocracy, Al Jazeera, and Dollars and Sense. I’ve written on other topics that are near and dear to my heart as well, like restructuring in the US auto industry, bankruptcy and its effects on working folks, and big-picture processes like globalization, financialization, and neoliberalism. Check out my ‘Articles’ page for links.

I am also a sociologist! I have a PhD in sociology from the Johns Hopkins University and taught for several years at Boston University. I wrote my dissertation on capital mobility in the automotive industry; here’s a piece that covers some of its themes. I’ve also worked on a variety of other academic projects like this article on accumulation by dispossession and development in southern Africa.

Even though I’m no longer working in an academic setting I still see the world, and write about it, through the lens of sociology. I love to look at the complex ways that people, institutions, and big structures like capitalism intersect to forge the society we live in.

Over the past few years, I’ve channeled this sociological thinking into helping build Jacobin magazine. These days it’s going into a new book project about smartphones and capitalism. I’m really excited about this project and will keep you posted as it progresses!